School Management Software Price for Pakistani customer

School Management Software Integrated with  Web Portal and Website

School Management Software 

School Management Software  Website, Web Portal and Mobile App with Free Unlimited App SMS for Life Time(Integrated with School Management Software)
Just Rs. 15000 for 1 to 199 students

Yearly charges Rs.12000/-

Rs. 22000 for 200 to 499 students

Yearly charges Rs.15000/-

Rs. 25000 for 500 to 999 students

Yearly charges Rs.18000/-

1. For 1 to 199 Students Price Rs. 20000/-

Yearly charges Rs. 15000/-

2. For 200 to 499 Students Price Rs.30000/-

Yearly charges Rs. 18000/-

3. For 500 to 999 Students Price Rs.40000/-

Yearly charges Rs. 22000/-

School Management Software 

One Time Charges Lifetime use (Offline Software )

For Pakistani customers price of School Management Software
Rs. 150000/- No yearly charges.

School Management Software
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